Ashes to Ashes

Wednesday 29th December 10.40pm            

Drama Series 

Animal rights activists have threatened a series of attacks in London and the first victim – the daughter of a commercial laboratory owner – is in hospital. Gene orders his team not to sleep until those responsible are behind bars. Their first stop is a prison where Robin Elliot, a known animal rights campaigner, is serving time for killing a scientist in the 1970s. Alex is convinced that Robin knows about the planned attacks, but with no contact with the outside world, there doesn’t appear to be any way for him to be involved. Robin’s eerily prescient knowledge of the future makes Alex think that he could be involved not only with the case, but also with her own fate. Having heard the voices of ambulance men, Alex worries that hope is fading for her survival in the present day (2009). 

Gene skirts closely towards a dangerous conflict with Supermac, who warns him to toe the line or face the consequences. As Alex fights for her life and Gene fights for his career, can they prevent more casualties before time runs out?

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