Ashes to Ashes

Monday 27th December 10.35pm           

Drama Series 

The Quattro’s fired up and fashion sense has been thrown out of the window as this new PRIME drama starring Philip Glenister and Keeley Hawes revs up for the eagerly awaited second series. Series two kicks off in 1982 where leg warmers are cool, fluorescent is the colour of choice, Margaret Thatcher is in her element and bullish DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) is back, policing the streets in his politically incorrect and loud-mouthed style. Sassy Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes), whom Hunt shares a fiery working relationship with, is by his side desperately trying to keep him in line. 


Though no nearer to getting back to her daughter, Alex believes she is suspended in time and finally understands how the world around her works. But, when she starts hearing news from 2008, she realises nothing is as it seems. Clinging on to fast fading hope, she discovers she may not be alone in her predicament. A mysterious stranger who also seems to be stuck in 1982 is making Alex doubt that her current world is merely a figment of her imagination. Is he a friend who can help her get home or a foe who will destroy all she knows? 


Putting the pedal to the metal, PRIME has revved up the Audi playing back-to-back eps of Ashes To Ashes starting tonight and running over two action-packed weeks, Monday to Thursday.


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