Ashes to Ashes

Thursday 30th December 10.30pm             

Drama Series 

Tonight Gene Hunt is visited by a former adversary from his old stomping ground of Manchester. Journalist Jackie Queen had several run-ins with Gene in the past and this time she has a surprise in store. She is pregnant with Gene’s baby! Not one to miss out on a story, she is also investigating the disappearance of northern teenagers that have arrived in London. She wants help to find one in particular; her niece Rachel has run away and Jackie fears she has been lured into the seedy underbelly of the capital. Alex is suspicious of Jackie. 

Also, with the threat of a transfer haunting Gene, Alex is desperate that they get to the bottom of the corruption she believes is in the police force. But as the investigation progresses, evidence leads them to a man named Jarvis. On the surface he’s a legitimate business man, but they are convinced that he is responsible for the murders of young girls. With an expensive solicitor and his smug demeanour, Jarvis appears untouchable and, worse, seems to have protection from within the Met itself. As the pressure mounts to find Rachel, the team is forced to acknowledge that the force is being poisoned from the inside. Gene’s loyalty is tested as he and Alex are forced to put a stop to it, however messy the consequences…

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