Coca-cola Christmas In The Park on TV3

7:00pm – Sunday, December 12 on TV 3

Join John Campbell and Petra Bagust, and many of your favourite New Zealand and Australian celebrities for the happiest night of the year – Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park. Highlights from the Auckland and Christchurch events screen on Sunday, December 12th at 7pm.

There’s nothing quite like this annual spectacular that delivers all the stars, singing, dancing, fireworks and non-stop entertainment to bring families and friends together year after year.

Hosted by TV3’s John Campbell and Petra Bagust, this year’s show will feature some of New Zealand and Australia’s most exciting performers including The X Factor Australia winner Altiyan Childs, Michael Murphy and Rebecca Wright (ex NZ Idol and stars of the smash hit Rent), three top hip hop groups, musical stars of the home grown blockbuster Boy, The Patea Maori Club, a duet from Tami Neilson and Nick Major and a moving rendition of John Lennon’s Happy Christmas, War is Over from a group of talented singers/songwriters including Tamara Ricketts, Juliagrace, Danielle Rana and Edward Laurenson.

“Since 1996, hundreds of thousand of Kiwis of all ages and backgrounds have flocked to the Auckland Domain to celebrate the magic of Christmas and enjoy top quality, free entertainment at Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park,” says Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park Executive Producer Alan Smythe.

“It is quite simply, a truly special event, and a wonderful gift from Coca-Cola to the people of New Zealand,” he adds.

This year’s proceeds from the event go to the recipient charity, Surf Life Saving New Zealand. With summer coming closer, Surf Life Saving New Zealand need new equipment to continue to keep our beaches safe. While collectors at the Auckland and Christchurch events will be raising funds for this equipment, viewers of the broadcast will also be able to help through text donations. Details about these text donations will appear during the broadcast.

So open up your heart and join TV3 and your favourite celebrities (including Santa of course) for Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park on Sunday, December 12th at 7pm.

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About the author

  • Elmo

    Was it just me or was it more like Music in the park, lacking chirstmas songs again…………………

  • bobscoffee

    I thought that myself too, just like last year and the year before. They fly through all the Christmas songs, cutting them short and interrupting them with pointless interviews backstage with people asking them what their highlights of the year was (is that what we tuned in for? I don’t think so). They then decide to focus the majority of the time on these random, meaningless songs sung by people like Drew Neemia. 

    I don’t know why they persist with using Ginie Crocker or whatever her name is. The annoying children they put on stage to…skip around? (or is it supposed to be dancing?) was annoying and distracting.

    Also, if that guy is X-Factor’s winner and can’t even sing his own winner’s single decently enough, then that doesn’t say much at all about the quality of contestants participating in X-Factor this year. It was embarrassingly bad.

  • Sondra

    Awesome singing from Stan Walker and Kudos to Drew Neemia, once again giving us a fantastic, flawless performance. The two standouts of the night. Make you proud to be a kiwi.

  • Ben

    Christmas in the park was not as good as other years, but there were some great acts Stan rocked the park and some girls dancing can’t remember there name and didn’t see much of them on tv but they were amazing. Franky didn’t get much of a send off and didn’t sing much which was sad cos it was his last appearance and Jackies I think that was a shame something was missing this year but Drew was bloody awesome as usual. Some people did to many songs and they weren’t that good to be honest

    • Clint

      I thought it was dreadful. Why did they need Shannon there? Michael Murphy and Ainslee Allen were the worst by far – and she looked to be lip syncing.
      Drew’s song was quite catchy – seems odd his music hasn’t really taken off … maybe he should move to Oz and try his luck over there?