Fancy a Summer Fling with Shortland Street?

As part of a marketing campaign for TV2’s popular local drama series Shortland Street, TVNZ and digital agency AIM Proximity have launched a Facebook application that allows fans to have a summer fling with their favourite character. 

The application went live immediately after Shortland Street’s dramatic season finale on Friday. Fans of the show are invited to ‘hook up’ with Hunter, TK, Daniel, Sophie or Nicole, and will then receive fun and flirtatious Facebook messages throughout the show’s hiatus, allowing them to engage with their fling all summer long.

“As New Zealand’s leading contemporary media company, TVNZ is committed to bringing New Zealanders content in new and innovative ways,” says General Manager of Marketing, Annmarie Duff. “While Kiwis are on their summer holidays, this application is a really fun way for fans to keep in touch with the characters they love.”

TV2 Marketing Manager, Aimee Glucina, says the site was intended to enhance viewers’ experience of their favourite local drama.

“Shortland Street fans invite the residents of Ferndale into their living rooms five nights a week,” Glucina says. “We thought this would be a playful way to allow viewers to engage with these much-loved characters while the show’s off air.

“It’s not meant to be taken too seriously,” continues Glucina. “It’s a light-hearted way to ease into that New Zealand summer feeling by having a bit of fun with one of the country’s best-loved shows.”

Head to the Shortland Street facebook page to start your Summer Fling before January 8:

Shortland Street returns to TV2 on Monday 17 January at 7pm.

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  • Karyn Fisk

    The TV ad for this is so creepy! especially TK, the looks he gives would make me yell for help and run a mile

  • Benjamin Paul

    Yea I thought that this ad was a little scary. Also considering that these characters arent really that cool – no thanks!

  • Brad

    Hi, I’m loving the song used in the Shortland Street Summer Fling ad, please advise if the whole song is available? 

  • bobscoffee

    How many times do they have to show Nicole doing a slow head turn towards us? No one I know can tell what the point of this ad is, and doesn’t make sense. How can they be enjoying themselves when those people are trapped in that burning building and possibly dying? Is the ad even supposed to fit in with the storyline?

  • G

    Song is Walk away (warm love) –

  • Danni

    Has anyone noticed that in the van, no one (except Hunter) is wearing seatbelts? Even TK who at one point is driving and not wearing a seatbelt?