Heart & Soul on Prime

8:30pm Friday, December 10 on Prime

Drama Series

Shrek is the church caretaker and a keen member of the choir. When, prompted by Layla, Michael forces the whole choir to audition, Shrek cannot take the pressure and it’s suggested that he should leave. Worse still, on returning home, Shrek finds he has been evicted. He takes refuge in the church. Jake and Esther realise what is going on, but having been found out, Shrek disappears. Esther has been reluctant to bring her group of singers together again in the light of Michael’s comments at the music festival. But Shrek’s disappearance forces her to overcome her own insecurities and eventually he returns, drawn back by Esther’s new choir. The response of the church’s older members to Shrek’s predicament makes Jake and Esther push for the church to be available for wider use by the community. Some of the old guard are outraged at the idea, but Jake is determined.

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