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7:00pm Wednesday, December 8 on Prime

Comedy Series

When Jill and Tim return home from the supermarket, Jill scolds Tim for speeding in her car. Offended by her possessiveness, Tim reminds Jill that they share everything – except for his tools. But when the mail arrives and Tim sees a bank statement for a checking account Jill opened for herself, he is upset. Jill tells him that it is her money because she earned it – besides she opened it so she could buy gifts for Tim without spending his money. Tim tells Jill that there is no “his” and “hers” – only “ours.” But Jill insists on keeping her own checking account. Meanwhile, Brad’s girlfriend Jennifer gives Brad her goldfish Howard to feed while she is away for four days. But when Brad sets the bowl too close to the desk lamp, the fish dies.

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