Shortland Street Fan Awards 2010: Winners

The winners in Throng’s Fifth Annual Shortland Street Fan Awards have been announced.

2010 has been another successful year for Shortland Street helping deliver TV2 100 consecutive weeks of the highest ratings among 18-39 year olds.  The Kieran Mitchell storyline came to its dramatic conclusion with the show’s highest rating since April 25, 2000.

This year, viewers gave the show an average rating of 7.7, up from 7.5 in 2009 but slightly lower than the 7.8/10 in 2008.  13% scored the season a perfect 10; equal to last year (19% in 2008).

Both Benjamin Mitchell and Kimberley Crossman and their characters TK Samuels and Sophie McKay were voted favourites.  Ben was also voted Hottest Male while Hottest Female went to Faye Smythe.

Fans who voted went into the draw to win one of five prize packs from Clean & Clear and a MyFreeview|HD Digital Television Recorder worth $899.

Fans on New Zealand’s TV community website Throng ( voted on 26 awards and results of winners and runners-up are as follows:

 Favourite Male Character

TK Samuels

[Daniel Potts]


Favourite Female Character

Sophie McKay

[Tania Jeffries]


Favourite Male Character – Recurring Role

Brodie Kemp

[Luke Durville]


Favourite Female Character – Recurring Role

Bella Cooper

[Ula Levi]


Favourite Actor

Benjamin Mitchell

[Adam Rickitt]


Favourite Actress

Kimberley Crossman

[Faye Smythe]


Hottest Male

Benjamin Mitchell

[Ido Drent]


Hottest Female

Faye Smythe

[Kimberley Crossman]


Best Dressed Character

Sophie McKay

[Brooke Freeman]


Worst Dressed Character

Yvonne Jeffries

[Bella Cooper]


Best Hair

Tania Jeffries

[Sophie McKay]


Worst Hair

Tracey Morrison

[Brooke Freeman]


Most Missed Character

Kieran Mitchell 32%

[Gerald Tippett 11%]


Favourite New Character

Brodie Kemp 42%

[Rafe Durville 13%]


Character You’d Most Like To Get Rid Of

Harry Warner

[Brooke Freeman]


Favourite Couple

Tania and TK

[Brodie and Bella]


Worst Couple

Maxwell and Vasa

[Callum and Rachel]


Which (non-dead) Character would you mostlike to bring back

Gerald Tippett

[Libby Jeffries]


Favourite Major Storyline

Kieran’s demise

[Scotty’s stalker]


Best thing to happen on Shortland Street in 2010

Kieran’s death

[Tania finding true love with Rafe]


Funniest Moment

Libby and Gerald’s disastrous wedding

[Brodie meeting Bella’s dad]


Saddest Moment

Kieran’s death

[Ben’s death]


Most Boring Storyline

Chris and Rachel’s relationship

[The Cooper family]


Biggest Letdown

Kieran’s death

[Sarah and TK not ending up together permanently]


Your One Wish for 2011


Sarah to return and have a baby with TK

More love and happiness for couples

More drama, excitement and action


The following are a selection of comments from fans about this season:

“I dread this time of the year, because I know the season is ending and have to wait for next year to watch my favourite program.”

“Have only just got back into watching Shortland Street after a long time. I have loved the end of 2010. Love Kieran and the commotion he bought to Shorty street, love Brodie and his unique personality, love to see Sophie all grown up, love the Chris and Rachel moments, love Brooke and her quirky relationship with Isaac and cant wait for next year. I hope next year to see more of the drama that happens in real life, underage drinking and sex, teenage pregnancy, affairs, romance, depression and all that… footage that everyone can relate to.”

“Try and bring Gerald and Libby back. They made the show. There’s a lack of humour now since before there was Kip who provided humour, then Gerald. Now there’s not really any one.”

“Why are the cliffhangers now restricted only to the end of season episodes? I remember being on the edge of my seat, gutted when the episode ended, dying to see what happened next. Now it’s like “well, they’re obviously going to hook up” and the next day they do.”

“I enjoyed this year’s Shortland Street…but I couldn’t help wishing something bigger and better was going to happen.”

“I appreciate having you on my telly every weekday, if I’ve had a crappy day I know SS is on at 7pm!”

“I have become a fan of Shorty this year, it has been good this year, some story lines drag on a bit eg the Sarah/Maxwell/Vasa clash. But as I said, I became a fan this year!”

“i think 2010 has been a slow year for Shortland St after the Kieran fiasco ended. It lacked any massive drama, just the typical stuff, but nevertheless i am a Shorty Street fan so i just love to watch it! i also enjoyed watching the trouble the new kids on the program have got up to – not many early teens such as Pheonix, Ula etc have been on Shorty so it’s a nice change. I can’t wait for this season to end to put us all on the edge of our seats for next year.”

“I think that this season was not nearly as good as usual. Shortland Street is most commonly known for the constant drama and i think the pase of the show this year didn’t excite me at all. Remember the great plots of previous years such as Rachel McKenna getting struck by lighting and serial killer joey. Shortland Street needs more drama!!!! I did love Libby and Gerald though I thought they were funny, interesting characters and was sad to see them go!”

“Very up and down compared to other years. Recently has been a bit boring and if it doesn’t pick up I’m not too sure I will continue watching it, despite it usually being my favourite show. The start of the year was pretty good though 🙂 Just why did you get rid of Kieran and Libby!”

“I watch Shortland St every day (My whole family does, including my dad :P) and we record it on mysky… I never miss an episode… (It’s a newly acquired taste, started this year) I love it…”



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  • bobscoffee

    What are with those comments? Did you pick the cheesiest comments?

  • Jennifer

    Lame. I love Brooke.

  • Jennifer D

    Lame. I love Brooke.

  • JayJay

    Its a soap opera, theres meant to be boring moments, not just drama, drama and more drama all the time.

  • Spydee_Lawson

    TBH I <3 Ben & Raf!!

    They are my TWO Most fav Characters~!!
    BUT Kerian Was my MOST Loved Fav Character!! It was emotional whan he died! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    He should come back!! lol

    Like what they wanted for Joey..His TWN Brother comes back! but SAME Everything & Same Actor!! haha
    awwwww sadly they cannot! lol

    Much Love,

    Spydee 😉 xx

  • knickb

    First of all congrats mut go to “the street” for another year at the top, great stuff.


    A couple of reactions to the poll:

    1. Jennifer I could not agree with you more. BROOKE FREEMAN/BETH ALLEN: every male I know who watches the street cannot get enough of her, she is da bomb. Great character played by a great actor.

    2. How can people be sick of the quintessential shorty relationship, rachel and chris. it keeps on delivering/changing/suprising, is always interesting, the actors have a natural chemistry, and they are shorty royalty. This view is particually suprising when compared with other relationsips on the show.

    3. How are people not sick of/annoyed/fustrated with the character of Mia Jefferies. It would be great if someone verbally/emotionally cut the cold blooded killer down to size next year, or she at least had some kind of break down. it would also allow anna julienne to explore more facets of her acting talent.

    4. Serial killers, car bombs, stalkers, organised crime, scott speir, te reo- more please.

    5. TK Samuels is a ruff nut and a storyline exposing his frailties would be much appreciated.

    6. The effort to intergrate shorty into real time is great.

  • KellyZ

    Oh my goodness no that would be the worst thing if TK and Sarah got back together!

  • Pippa

    I reckon, they are the most boring couple on the show. TK was way better with Tania

  • Fortknox

    I would have to agree with you guys that storyline has been flogged to death they really dont suit they should use TK’s sexyness to spice up the show, sack Sarah and bring back Tania!!!

  • lukiluke

    TK is to good for sarah. Kill sarah off shes so boring , bring someone younger and sexc to the table!!!!

  • lukiluke

    tk is too good for sarah. sarah should die off and bring on a sxc young new thing .. sarah is a old HAG