Tell us what you think will happen in the Shortland Street 2010 cliffhanger

Over the years we have had people getting stabbed with scalpels in hallways, declarations of love, Brits running over blondes and running away, weddings on the beach, volley ball and drugs on the beach, doctors singing ‘Why does love do this to me’, and a crazy nurse, who could draw really well, about to strangle a nurse who knew how to get around.

But what will be in stall for December 17th 2010??? What are we building up too??? Will Tracey and Scotty make it down the aisle, will the Christmas party go smoothly for once, will Maia make the move on Jennifer, will Evan Cooper make it on to Santa’s Nice list (I highly doubt it)???

Tell us how you think the 2010 cliffhanger will go down.

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Karyn Fisk

Former, not sour, Masterchef contestant from season one. Lover of food and now following my dream of making cakes with a little writing on the side, check out my Tempting Thomas Cakes page .
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  • Karyn Fisk

    Here is my take on it……….. JayJay finaly speaks his mind and yells at Maia for always dumping him
    at daycare or with a babysitter and tells her to step up at actually be a
    mother when Mark Weston walks through the door because he wants to
    actually be a dad to JayJay and of course because he has been with Tania
    he falls for Yvone and they, with JayJay, run off to Peru with Bens
    ashes to live happily ever after.

    The Tracey/Scotty wedding will be interupted with the zombie of Shainti leading zombie dead past characters, like Morgan, Jay, Craig, Claire, Joey etc, down the aisle doing the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ dance with one purpose in mind,
    kill Tracey.

    Meanwhile across town Daniel and Sophie are both intensely and hopelessly engaged
    in using crowbars to try and pull their own heads out of their own

  • Ange

    I think they shortland street writers should hire Karyn Fisk – that ending sounds amazing!

  • Bea

    I just hope it involves Jennifer coming to a bloody end.