The Girls Of Hedsor Hall on Prime

9:40pm Friday, December 31 on Prime

Reality Series

Now that the competition has dwindled to only half a dozen girls, the instructors need to make things even more challenging. They inform the girls that a group of eligible bachelors will be visiting for a country weekend. The girls are expected to be proper hostesses, and remain ladylike through the whole weekend, even while the boys spend the night at Hedsor Hall! One of the girls takes advantage of the freedom and succumbs to the temptation – will it be the end of the road for her, or will she be given another chance?

Friday 31st December 10:35pm



On August 29th 1958 a star was born, quite literally. Michael Jackson, who sadly passed away in June 2009 was regarded by many as the greatest performer of all time, and tonight we relive not only the man who brought us years of number 1 hits, but also a historic television music event that went on to become one of the highest-rated musical specials in television history. In 2001, Michael celebrated 30 years of solo success. Tonight’s concert celebrates his achievement with performances by many musical superstars and the King Of Pop himself. Recorded at New York’s Madison Square Garden this was Michael’s first live U.S. performance in more than a decade and the first reunion with his brothers in 17 years. The roster of performers and guests include Destiny’s Child, Whitney Houston, Usher, Britney Spears, ‘N Sync, 98 Degrees, Gloria Estefan, Mya, Chris Tucker and a host of others.

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