Top stories on ONE News and 3 News: December 10, 2010

ONE News:

  1. Austin Hemming’s killer sentenced (Live, Donna-Marie Lever)
  2. Pike River staff redundancies (Live, breaking news, Lorelei Mason)
  3. Royal couple caught in student riots (Live, Paul Hobbs)
  4. Chinese ANZAC poppies (Lorelei Mason)
  5. Len Brown’s rush hour traffic plan (Garth Bray)

3 News:

  1. Royal couple caught in student riots (Hamish Clark)
  2. Austin Hemming’s killer sentenced (Rachel Morton)
  3. Good samaritan advice (Ingrid Hipkiss)
  4. Bomb threat over in Auckland
  5. Tourist hurt


A few little things stood out to me while watching the news tonight.

One is something I’ve often noticed on the news, but tonight it stood out a bit more than usual: the really silly sounding live cross question.  I know that the point is to lead into the next topic or to help draw out an answer from someone, but often it just sounds like the newsreader is clueless about what’s happening.  Tonight, Wendy Petrie asked Paul Hobbs: “So Paul is this the end of it?”  His answer wasn’t insightful either.

When I first saw the “breaking news” come up for Pike River, I wondered if people had gone into the mine but instead it was the news that there will be an unknown number of staff redundancies. 

I thought the third story on 3 News was not necessary.  The clip with the police officer saying Austin Hemmings was regarded as one of their own, however, was good but could have been included in the previous story. 

Stories 4 and 5 were very brief on 3 News


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  • bobscoffee

    I’ve often wondered what the point of some of the questions asked in the live crosses has been

  • just me

    I’ve often wondered why the “live crosses” when the gnomes at the news desk in the studio could do it just as well (cheaper).

  • Amanda P

    Why do reporters sign off at the end of a story? I don’t care what your name is, and I know what news programe I am watching. Can the simply stick to the important information, minus their personal plug??

  • Amanda, wouldn’t you like credit for your work?

  • AmandaP

    Ryan, are you serious? You have to be kidding. Ever brought some Levis and as you were leaving the salesperson says “Tara Weldman, Just Jeans”? I don’t announce my name and company every time I finish a project or have my performance review. It’s kinda stupid 

    The only way it is remotely helpful is that the reporters are starting to look the same – either brunette and skinny or blonde and skinny. 


  • regan

    To be fair, Amanda, I would suggest that where you source your news is a little different from where you source your jeans.  The whole point about journalists and news readers is that it’s all about building trust.  Recognising a face and name over time tends to give some credibility (or otherwise).  

    Perhaps what you’re suggesting is that there isn’t much point in trying to build your profile if your work is crap.