Blue Murder

VIBE – Mondays from 24 January, 9.30pm

Motherhood is a juggling act, especially when you have the brutal murder of a teacher to contend with and the suspects and witnesses aren’t telling everything that they could…

Top-ranking detective Janine Lewis’ (Caroline Quentin, Jonathan Creek) plans for a family weekend go awry when a vicious killing takes place, and she is given just 48 hours to track down the murderer – could it be the grieving wife with a dodgy alibi, a local low-life with a vendetta against the dead teacher or an ex-con now on the run? But the difficulties at work that Janine faces are nothing compared to her loving but chaotic home life. A single mum who’s been deserted by a wayward husband, she strives to balance the responsibilities of her high-powered career and close-knit team with the demands of home life.

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