Dr Phil season pemiere on TV3

1:00pm – Monday, January 24 on TV 3

This week sees the welcome return of everyone’s favourite doctor when a brand new season of Dr Phil screens weekdays at 1pm, premiering on Monday, January 24th on 3.

Upon the show’s return Dr. Phil McGraw spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the series’ ninth season and why he feels his show is more relevant now than ever.

“Think of what is going on in America right now,” he tells EW. “We have got economic trouble. It affects so many people and it trickles down into marriage [and] parenting because of all the stress. We are meeting people where they are.”

One of the show’s new features that Dr. Phil is excited about is the addition of “Dr. Phil’s Housewives”. He thinks that among the six women selected to take part in this, there will be someone that every woman in America will be able to identify with.

“I usually know a lot about my guests whenever they walk on my stage, but in this situation, I said, ‘I don’t want to know anything about these women,'” he explains.

“I am going to learn about them with the viewers. The issues that they bring are so relevant: we have the issue of infidelity, we have the issue of struggling with being a single mother, [and] we have issues of terrifically toxic parental legacy that is manifesting itself in people’s lives now. I believe when you get into a room with this much intensity, it is a mirror to the way people live their lives outside.”

Another compelling initiative for Dr. Phil this season is the show’s “End the Silence on Domestic Violence” campaign.

“When we launched the Dr. Phil show nine-years-ago, I said, ‘I promise to deal with the silent epidemics in America’. One of the most under-reported phenomena in American society is domestic violence,” he explains.

And it’s this subject that Dr. Phil will start his new season with when the series returns to our screens on Monday, January 24th at 1pm on 3.

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