CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Saturdays from 15 January, 7.00pm

Can you imagine yourself being taken in by a scam rider? Impossible! We all think that we’re on our guard. Millions of people who have been defrauded feel exactly the same way. Fraud affects everyone from all walks of life. It can happen to you, because most likely, you won’t see it coming. The Fraud Squad goes hammer and tongs after the swindlers. Everyday, fraudsters lay new booby traps and unsuspecting people fall prey to them. Counterfeit products, loans, online frauds, ATMs, Credit cards, car repair and insurance, charity, debt waiver, dating, health insurance and pharmacy, identity theft, inheritance, online gambling, real estate, online auctions, vacations, used cars, lottery, telemarketing and not to mention, the Nigerian frauds.

These are just to name a few ‘schemes’ that con men unleash on ordinary citizens. Geographical locations and characters may change but stories by and large remain the same. A high-energy show, Fraud Squad, chases down such frauds, brings out the personal stories and unravels the whole puzzle game — what new tricks the scammers are up to and how it works. For instance, it tracks down a Nigerian advance loan fraud in an international sting operation. In another, it goes after fake currency. Fraudsters are like Chameleon. Fraud Squad shows them in real colour!

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