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Travolta turns down Glee role

John Travolta has turned down the opportunity to make an appearance on Glee, saying he didn’t feel he could perform well enough in the short time he would get on the show. He said: “I really have a criteria or pride that I would want to knock them dead, and I don’t think I can knock them dead in a week.”

Uproar over Jersey Shore’s Italian shoot

The president of the National Italian American Foundation has criticised the decision by MTV to shoot the fourth season of jersey Shore in Italy. Joseph V. Del Raso said: “It is unfortunate that American television producers want to export an image of young Americans that has little to do with the image of most of our youth.  American youth has so much to offer the modern world and it is certainly not representing by the caricatures portrayed by the Jersey Shore cast.”

Edgar Allen Poe pilot ordered

American network ABC has ordered a new drama pilot based on the fictional exploits of Edgar Allan Poe. The pilot, entitled Poe, will portray the writer as a detective who employs unusual methods to solve crime in 1840’s Boston.

House cast yet to gain contracts

The cast of House are yet to be contracted for an eighth season of the medical drama, with only lead actor Hugh Laurie on contract. Actress Lisa Edelstein explained: “There are still some issues to be worked out. I believe NBC [Universal] wants Fox to take over the cost of production, and Fox doesn’t want to. Until that’s resolved, they can’t even begin to talk to any of us.”

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