MTV orders fourth Jersey Shore season

MTV has greenlit a fourth season of reality series Jersey Shore with talk the new season will be partly filming in Italy. The reality series, which is the highest rating MTV series of all-time in the 12-34 demo, is scheduled to begin filming again this autumn.

British commentator fired over sexist remarks

British football commentator Andy Gray has been fired from his role on Sky Sports in the UK following a string of comments regarding female assistant referee in the past few days. Gray was initially stood down alongside fellow commentator Richard Keys before being axed permanently from his role after new evidence was revealed of another incident involving sexist comments towards female assistant referees.

More ads pulled from Skins

More advertisers are pulling their ads from MTV in the US during episodes of Skins, which is continuing to cause controversy for its depiction of teens. Schick is the latest company to pull its ads, claiming that the “show’s content is not aligned with Schick corporate guidelines.”

Brothers & Sisters actress joins NCIS

Brothers & Sisters actress Jane Morris has signed on for a major role in NCIS. Morris, who plays Julia Walker on Brothers & Sisters, will join the crime procedural as an NCIS agent who is believed to be the love interest for one of the main characters.

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  • Rusty Viewer

    re: British commentator fired – I HATE political correctness. You’re not allowed to make an off-the-cuff remark that makes a play on stereotypes anymore? Perhaps those that take offense to such things need to get over themselves. When did humour get lost?

    re: US Skins – Will we see it here?