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UK Jersey Shore spin-off planned

MTV UK has greenlit a British spin-off of reality series Jersey Shore which will be centred in Newcastle in the north of the UK. The series will be called Geordie Shore and will aim to “bring the personality of the North East alive to viewers in the UK and around the world.”

Rove to return to TV

Australian TV presenter Rove McManus will return to TV in a new LA-based series which will broadcast on Australia’s pay-TV network, Foxtel. McManus will host the talkshow, Rove LA, which will feature celebrity guests and various comedy acts in a similar style to his previous show which ended in 2009.

Sponsors pull ads from US Skins

Subway has become the fourth major sponsor to pull its advertising from MTV in the US during new teen series Skins. Taco Bell and Wrigley are among the other major companies who have bailed from the show which has caused a stir in the US following its premiere this month, due to its depiction of teenage sex and drug-taking.

De Niro drama pilot ordered

A new pilot has been ordered by American network CBS which is being produced by Robert De Niro. The pilot centres on six new recruits to the New York Police Department and their struggles to balance their jobs with their personal lives.

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