On Devlin

There have been a number of interesting developments with this story following Martin Devlin’s name suppression being dropped. The first thing is how the NZ Herald went from its New Years eve headline of Top secret: Celebrity arrested in central city to refering to Devlin upon his name being revealed as being a “Celebrity”, as if to say those who first suggested the arrested person was a celebrity were morons.

Russell Brown has a great read over at Public Address, as does Brian Edwards. But the most telling comment comes from John Campbell who writes:

One small point of limited interest to anyone but me: the Herald keeps insisting I made it known that I was not the 46 year old celebrity concerned. I did not. At any stage. The Herald and Fairfax kept calling me to ask me to do so, but I didn’t return a single call. I knew it wasn’t me, they knew it wasn’t me, so the notion that I would give the story more air by publicly denying it was me, seemed artful at best.

Very interesting indeed.

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