American version of This Is Not My Life on the way

The rights to TVNZ drama This Is Not My Life have been snapped up by American network ABC with plans in motion to create and American version of the show.

ABC purchased the rights to the drama series which screened on TV One last year and are well underway into preparing a local version to screen during the coveted summer season in the US.

TVNZ chose not to renew the series last year after it slipped in the ratings despite receiving glowing reviews from critics and strong interest on TVNZ’s On Demand website.

The show’s executive producer Steven O’Meagher says the deal is huge for NZ drama.

“We didn’t have to knock on many doors, there was a lot of demand for the show. It shows that our ideas are world-class and are as attractive to an international audience as they are to Kiwis,” he said.

O’Meagher hinted that the budget for the US version may be up to five times that of the original.

“One of the beauties of the American format will be just seeing what a larger budget will do on the screen. The key thing is that the spirit and the integrity of the New Zealand series is preserved. The American writers have been nothing but respectful and complimentary.”

The show’s creators Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang will work closely with the ABC producers and writers as they begin to develop the series for US audiences.

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  • dantoujours

    Shame it wasn’t renewed by TVNZ.


    I hope the Americans don’t screw it up like they did with OF/Scoundrels.

  • aaronimpact

    I don’t think there is much to screw up. The NZ version of TINML was well made but the story didn’t go anywhere.

  • Rusty Viewer

    Anyone remember “Nowhere Man”?

    But anyway, if they get it right, they could drag it out for several seasons. It could be another “Lost”.

  • Lehmann

    Is the US version still in development? Or is it dead like the NZ original?

  • Not Alec Ross

    still waiting, srsly where is this show?

  • Leave Comments

    What ever happened? I just watched the whole show in two days on youtube. It was great. I cannot believe how shows in Australia and NZ never seem to get a chance past one season.

  • Modulo m

    Is this what Wayward Pine was born from?