ASA finds breach in health supplement ad

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint against a television ad which shows a baby lying face down, a position which was argued raises the chance of cot death.

The Puraz Health ad for its collagen capsules which screened on TV One last October was deemed to have breached the ASA’s code of ethics because it showed a situation that encourages a disregard for safety.

The complaint came from Change for our Children, an organisation that raises awareness of sudden infant death.

Director Stephanie Cowan said: “All babies need to be on the back, with a clear face and open airway, and smokefree when they sleep. Every time and in every place they sleep. Imagery that aligns with these principles supports parents to act with safety for their babies.”

Puraz Health argued that the baby lying on its front in the ad was shown to be resting not sleeping; an image they claim is seen widely in advertising.

Source: Herald

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