Desperate Learner's Driving School on Prime

7:00pm Sunday, February 20 on Prime


Are you fed up with bad drivers? Well it seems our buddies across the ditch have a lot to moan about too, but thankfully ten of their worst offenders behind the wheel are attempting to pass their driving test in tonight’s new series of Desperate Learner’s Driving School. They’ve spent thousands of dollars on lessons and countless years with their L-Plates on and still can’t get behind the wheel competently and safely. If they can’t pass their test after this 30-day boot camp of intensive training with two of the best instructors in the country, is all hope lost? There’ll no doubt be tears and frustration, dented pride and dented cars. But there’s also a massive incentive – every learner who passes their driving test within 30 days wins a brand new car! Now that’s a test I’d look forward to!

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