Intrepid Journeys on One

8:30pm Thursday, February 17 on TV One

Another well-known Kiwi sets sail tonight in TV ONE’s favourite travel series Intrepid Journeys.

Actress Keisha Castle-Hughes happily agrees camping in New Zealand makes her nervous so it was a brave move signing on for an Intrepid Journey going on safari in Kenya and Tanzania.

The Whale Rider star slept amongst leopards, lions and hyenas with only thin nylon for protection. She lived to tell the tale but was certainly glad to see a particular building at the end of her journey. “My favourite word of the day: Hotel,” she chuckles.

Missed an episode of Intrepid Journeys? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click the ‘Ondemand’ button

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About the author

  • Martin

    Saw this last night. One of the best so far this season. She was so genuine and was a great watch.

  • Mark Everton

    wonderful show .. Keisha was right into the spirit of things .. some stunning images and lovely moments