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8:30pm Sunday, February 13 on TV One

From the creators of The Secret Life Of Us comes TV ONE’s hot new drama, Offspring, which centres on the life and loves of Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie, Underbelly) an obstetrician in a busy Melbourne hospital.

Nina’s life is full of surprises. From her ex-husband, an explosives expert who detonates to demonstrate his undying love for her, to her family life which is never short of emergencies, and being the person that everyone turns to for help in the midst of their crises.

Newly arrived in Melbourne, Chris Havel (Don Hany, Rush) is a pediatrician. From the moment he arrives in the neo-natal ward, the spark between Chris and Nina ignites. He is everything she could ever want from a man, but he has a past that could destroy any hope between them.

“I was interested in exploring the personality of a woman who’s in her mid thirties who still hasn’t really landed in the world,” Keddie tells the “In her job, she’s so responsible, so capable. But beyond it, she’s off-centre. She sets up barriers all over the place because she’s so frightened. She swings from one emotion to another and tries to make sense of it, then ends up in turmoil because she can’t.

I like the idea of playing someone who’s uncomfortable in their skin, in a shy way: wanting to please everybody, wanting to fix everything, making sure that everyone else’s life was okay but not looking after her own. I wanted to explore someone different from the strong, ball-breaking women that I normally play, because it’s more like me.”

Billie Proudman (Kat Stewart, Underbelly) is Nina’s unruly elder sister. An apprentice in their father’s real estate business, Billie is bold, brassy and incapable of lying. Once the wild child, Billie is now determined to put her wayward youth behind her and make something great of her life. If only she could convince her ‘on again, off again’ boyfriend Mick (Eddie Perfect, Blue Heelers) to do the same.

“Nina loves her family and she loves being part of the family, but she gets quite a hard time from them,” explains Keddie. “Yet there’s a lot of joy in their togetherness. But she’s painfully shy with men, she just talks at the ground, she can’t get it together.

The show is full of hope,” Keddie says. “One of the things that I was attracted to was its sense of possibility. There’s so much hope in the opportunities that come Nina’s way: the circumstances that she finds herself in are full of joy and opportunity but she can’t see them all the time because she’s her own worst enemy. She’s in a dialogue in her head, which throws her into a state of turmoil because she’s low in confidence.” concludes Keddie.

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