Jeremy Elwood's (un)common sense

A Comedy festival favorite and regular panelist on both TV3’s 7Days and Radio New Zealand’s The Panel, Jeremy is well known for serving up hilarious stand up infused with intelligence and thought.

Critics and audiences loved 2010’s show, Jeremy Elwood Thinks Too Much, calling Elwood “an immensely skilled comic artist, and at the same time a very thoughtful humanist philosopher” ( and naming it “Best Comedy” at the 2010 Dunedin Fringe Festival.

(un)common sense is a sequel, of sorts. It continues Elwoods’ bold take on nonconventional topics, finding the humour in the best, worst and weirdest parts of the world around us whilst always looking below the surface of what we might take for granted.

Elwoods’ festival shows are always an event, something more than a regular set in a bar or club, and this year promises to be no different, so even if you’ve seen him before, you definitely haven’t seen (un)common sense.

In 2010, Jeremy Elwood headlined comedy clubs across New Zealand, Sydney, Indonesia and Singapore as well as appearing regularly on NZ Television and radio.

In 2011, he continues to observe, question and dissect our society, and turn what he finds into comedy gold. If you want more from a standup show than blandness or whimsy, if you want to leave the venue with sore ribs from laughing and a sore head from thinking, and if you’ve ever wanted answers to those pesky questions we started withthis is the show for you.



Dates:                                   30 April & 3 – 7 May, 8.45pm

Venue:                                 Upstairs @ The Basement, Lower Greys Ave

Tickets:                                 Adults $25, Conc. $22 

Bookings:                            0800 TICKETEK or



Dates:                                   17 – 21 May, 7.00pm 

Venue:                                 The Garden Club, 13B Dixon St

Tickets:                                 Adults $25, Conc. $22 

Bookings:                            0800 TICKETEK or

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