John Campbell apologises to Ken Ring

Last night’s Campbell Live saw weather and earthquake predictor Ken Ring set apon by a clearly emotional John Campbell.  We thought the man was in need of a hug and tonight he admitted that his outburst had come from the emotions of spending a week in the hurting city.


Last night we had Ken Ring on the programme.

It will have been apparent to anyone watching that I don’t believe he can predict earthquakes.

Nor do any of the scientists here.

But many people I’ve spoken to in this city do – and Mr Ring’s predictions terrify them.

After a week here watching this city shouldering the burden of last
Tuesday, I believe, with all my heart, that Christchurch doesn’t need
that kind of stress.

They are hurting enough already.

But I should have kept my heart out of it – or kept it under control –
and as many of you have pointed out, I should have let Mr Ring speak.

You’re right. I should have. He was our guest.

I have phoned Mr Ring to personally apologise.

I repeat that apology to him now and I want to extend it to everyone watching who was offended by my treatment of Mr Ring.

I am sincerely sorry.

We did invite Mr Ring back onto the programme tonight, promising him a far fairer hearing.

He declined.


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  • benpaul12

    I don’t like how he has blamed his outburst on the situation in Chch. If I was him I would have been honest and blamed it on his lack of good judgement and intelligence.

    What a dork.

  • Jono

    He’s apologised – lets move on and focus on the real story – helping Chch rebuild and being there for one another.

    People can banter about who they like and don’t like, but lets look at the big picture, Chch is in pain and needs all our support.

  • regan

    I’m closing comments on this now