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8:30pm Sunday, March 20 on TV One

Tonight in MasterChef New Zealand as the Top 10 contestants leave the house they find a party bus waiting outside. They’re thrilled to think they’re going to a party, then shocked a few moments later when they’re joined by judges Josh Emett and Ray McVinnie.

Emett and McVinnie confirm that they are indeed off to a party – the re-launch of Simon Gault’s flagship restaurant, Euro. One hundred VIP guests have been invited for a five-course dinner – and guess who’s doing the cooking?

At Euro, Gault outlines the challenge. The contestants will be cooking in pairs, one course each pair – five courses in total from canapes to dessert, for 100 guests. They have four hours to prepare their dishes before the guests arrive and service begins.

This is the contestants’ toughest challenge yet. Not only is it their first experience of a professional kitchen, but they will be attempting five-star dishes for VIP guests, under intense time pressure. Euro’s reputation is at stake, so Gault and his staff will be watching over them every step of the way, and nothing will leave the kitchen without Gault’s approval.

To add to the pressure, the three judges will taste and score each dish. The pair with the highest total will win a 10-course degustation dinner at Euro cooked by Gault himself, while someone from the losing pair faces elimination.

Some contestants rise to the challenge, but some are clearly out of their depth and the mistakes come thick and fast. With time running out, exhaustion kicking in and the guests about to arrive, can each pair get their dishes together in time to the standard required to impress the MasterChef judges and 100 discerning dinner guests?

And to top it all off, with elimination looming, the judges have a big surprise in store.

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