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BBC releases Doctor Who teaser

The BBC has released this very short teaser for the upcoming new season of Doctor Who. The season will kick off with the two-part episodes ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ and ‘Day of the Moon’.

Futurama renewed

Futurama has been renewed for a seventh season by Comedy Central with 13 episodes ordered for 2012.

Dushku joins comedy pilot

Eliza Dushku has joined a new comedy pilot that features Damon Wayans as a popular, quick-witted sports radio host. Dushku is expected to play Wayans’ on-air sidekick in the yet-to-be-named project.

Depp joins new Gervais sitcom

Ricky Gervais has acquired the services of Johnny Depp for his new BBC sitcom Life’s Too Short. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor will feature in the comedy series that continues the story of dwarf actor Warwick Davis who appeared on Extras.

David Brent to apply for Michael Scott’s job?

Details of Ricky Gervais’ guest appearance on the season finale of The Office are said to have been released that suggest the actor’s character David Brent will be interviewing for Michael Scott’s (Steve Carell) job.

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  • Ant

    Yay another series for futurama, if only FOUR would play the remaining episodes of season 6 that have not been played yet. one of my favorite animated cartoons on there and it just had to be replaced by misfits. dont get me wrong i like misfits, but why could’nt they of found another time slot for it like um… wednesday. when they play double episodes of the biggest loser and they just need to play one. it would be just easier if they put misfits in a wednesday timeslot so everyone wins.