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Shortland Street is thrilled to announce the return of a popular character this week, when Virginie Le Brun reprises the role of Dr Gabrielle Jacobs. Having left Ferndale unexpectedly last year, audiences will be intrigued to discover what has brought Gabrielle back to town.

With a year off to spend time with her family, work on a play, and do some travel, Le Brun was delighted to rejoin the Shortland Street fold. “I feel very, very blessed to have this opportunity again,” says Le Brun. “I’ve missed Gabrielle so much. She’s very close to my heart, so it wasn’t hard to channel her back.”

A definite favourite with the fans, quirky Gabrielle left a very noticeable gap at Shortland Street hospital. “As a story developed following Gabrielle’s departure it became apparent that the character had unfinished business,” Shortland Street’s producer, Steven Zanoski, explains. “After all, she is the only woman to have broken Chris Warner’s (Michael Galvin) heart. Gabrielle’s return certainly shakes things up – but maybe not how viewers expect.”

Playing a character with Aspergers Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism, Le Brun received lots of positive feedback about her portrayal of the syndrome.

“Autism New Zealand is thrilled that the character of Gabrielle Jacobs is returning to Shortland Street. The rise in awareness for Autism and Aspergers Syndrome that this character generated was fantastic and we commend Virginie Le Brun for the research she undertook before taking on this challenging role,” says Jon Boyer of Autism New Zealand.

“We would like to congratulate the makers of Shortland Street for presenting Aspergers Syndrome in a fair, balanced yet very entertaining way.”

Tune into Shortland Street this week to see how Gabrielle Jacobs settles back in.

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