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7:30pm Wednesday, March 9 on Prime

Reality Series

The Miller Family

A pushover mum, a temperamental dad and their six undisciplined kids all contribute to the mayhem in the Miller home. Travelling to Phoenix, Arizona, Jo Frost must help this family on the brink. Mum Meshell can’t say “no” and overindulges her children to make up for the extras she never had; Dad David tries to instil some structure and respect, but he’s exhausted from long days at work and too often shows his temper; without clear boundaries and consequences, the kids are mostly out of control – whether it’s the youngest, Avarie (3), refusing to give up her bottle, or siblings Ainsley (5), Landon (7), Meryn (10) and Kendall (12) back-talking, fighting or leaving their clothes in a heap. The oldest Kesley (13) is increasingly troubled by her parents’ mixed signals.

She’s considered responsible enough to babysit her younger sisters and brother overnight, but isn’t allowed to go to an afternoon movie with her friends. One quick look at the ‘chore board’ mounted on the wall (it’s completely blank) lets Jo know of the work ahead of her.

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