TV comedian with name supression pleads guilty

Name suppression will once again become a hot topic of debate after the comedian at the centre of a child-sex case has plead guilty to a lesser charge, ensuring he avoids a jail sentence.

The original charge, a single count of unlawful sexual connection with a child, aged under 12, was replaced with committing an indecent act against a child after much haggling between the Crown and the accused’s barrister.  

The incident occured after a TV network christmas party in 2009.

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  • regan

    This entire story is sad beyond belief.

  • Benjamin Paul

    Who could it be? The blurred out guy on One News tonight looked bald and thinish.

  • ell

    You’re brave allowing comments on here Regan 😉

  • Benjamin Paul

    Oh sorry to say what were all wanting to know…FFS I think this kind of thing is deplorable but I am still interested in finding out who it is.

  • TV fan 100

    I work in the media so it’s common knowledge.

    I’m sure if you email notorious supression-breaking blogger Cameron Slater from Whaleoil he’d happily inform you.

    It will shock!! Just think – A major popular local show, which suddenly came to an abrupt end…..

  • I like ducks

    i had already heard rumours about who it could be but the really bad blurring out of his face on One News last night pretty much confirmed it.  If you don’t know who it is, they’re not really a comedian and used to be on tv but not any more.

  • aaronimpact

    I’m still hoping there is a perfectly rational explanation for what he did. People don’t wake up one day and say to themselves, “I’m going to be a child molester”.