TVNZ to launch 24 hour kidzone channel on Sky

TVNZ and SKY have partnered to launch a 24 hour pre-school children’s channel on the SKY platform from 1 May called TVNZ Kidzone24.

TVNZ Kidzone24 will feature trusted educational and inspiring content for pre-school children in an advertising-free environment. 

Chief Executive Rick Ellis is delighted that SKY has made it possible for TVNZ to extend the popular Kidzone programming block beyond the two hours that are available on public service channel TVNZ 7.

“Kidzone has been an increasingly popular block of programming, providing educational and entertaining content for young New Zealanders, with a significant amount of locally produced programming.

“It is fantastic that we are now able to offer a commercially-viable, expanded Kidzone channel, on the SKY platform.

John Fellet, CEO of SKY Television, is equally thrilled to have Kidzone added to SKY’s existing offerings for family viewing.

“We are delighted to be working with TVNZ to assist them build what has been a very popular segment into a dedicated channel of its own.  The addition of TVNZ Kidzone24 to our range of family viewing options underlines our commitment to providing the widest selection of quality programming for all age groups,” he said.

The Kidzone24 programme schedule will be released in April and features existing favourites including Kidzone with Kayne, as well as new content with a learning focus.

The channel will be located on SKY Channel 046, within the stable of family channels and will be available as part of the SKY Basic Digital Package. Select content will also be available on iSKY.

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  • regan

    I simply cannot believe the stupidity in this decision.  TVNZ are now directly competiting with the Disney channel etc on the pay platform while leaving the Freeview option for those who don’t want/can’t afford pay tv empty.  CRAZY!

  • Ant

    Simply Great! but they could of put it on freeview though

  • TV Addict

    @regan its not stupid. its great. they chose sky because more people have sky than freeview. most probably because its a better choice for viewing than freeview in my opinion. if you want to see kidzone on freeview why dont you just watch it on tvnz 7. simple.

  • regan

    @TV Addict. In 2013, you will either need to have Freeview or Sky.  Free, or pay. TVNZ are a stakeholder in Freeview, not in Sky. WHY are they getting into bed with the “opposition”?  It makes NO logical sense other than a short term financial gain.  It’s shortsighted and will compete directly with a supplier’s channel which could potentially have other implications later on as well.  As for all those people who bought Freeview for kidzone in the first place and have lobbied hard for it to stay are going to be highly unimpressed one would imagine.  Aren’t they the very ones that kidzone was created for in the first place?  Seems incredibly disrespectful to me…

  • Jessica Simpson

    For a lot of people, TVNZ6 was already competing with Disney Channel and Nickelodeon because they watched it through Sky. And actually, it rated surprisingly well on that platform. Kids love hearing their own accents and love Kayne…. Plus a lot of parents prefer the channel as it’s not full of bratty American tweens.

  • Well, we refuse to support TVNZ any longer.
    They have been banned from our TV and from the internet – all TVNZ sites are blocked by our router now so impossible to view. 
    We have also stopped supporting any and all companies who advertise through TVNZ and allow them to continue as they are. 

    I am just so annoyed that toddlers are home all day, with no choice. They are too young for school, and pre-school and they have been left with nothing but american crap.
    Yet they have setup a channel aimed at children who SHOULD BE AT SCHOOL all day, to run all day, every day.
    It doesn’t make sense at all!
    How can you aim a daytime tv channel at people who aren’t available to watch tv?
    They aren’t exactly sitting in front of the tv while at school learning are they?

    Go figure….. 

  • Ben

    Disgraceful. Now they have killed off TVNZ6 and shifted its content into two pay TV channels – Kidzone and Heartland. As the state broadcaster they should be providing content to all New Zealanders, not just those that can afford pay TV.


    NZ really does need a proper public broadcaster. Australia has 4 commercial-free ABC channels and 2 SBS channels with limited advertising. NZ now only has TVNZ7, mostly filled with repeats from TV One and and content ripped off the US ABC – this isn’t good enough!

  • reece_555

    How does the arrangement between Sky & TVNZ work as the article points out the channel will be an advertising free zone.

  • Ant

    Very True I Guess

  • regan

    Sky will pay TVNZ a fee per subscriber.  Easy money.  Sky subscribers can look forward to fee increases.

  • Tui

    Stupid. What happened to TVNZ’s full support of Freeview? So much for inspiring New Zealanders on every screen!
    I don’t know what’s happening at TVNZ, but it’s pathetic. I would love to watch Heartland but don’t have SKY so I miss out. The name’s a bit dumb too, was the 24 really necessary? 

  • KateLeek

    It boggles the mind!!!


    Coming into winter, KIDZONE would have been THE go-to station for preschoolers on a rainy day.  I’m really disappointed in TVNZ- 6-8am is pathetic while over on the new U Channel (6) they will play shows aimed towards teenagers who should be in school!!  Ridiculous!!!

  • David Finch

    Disgusting.  Not only are publicly-funded atchive programmes which would once have screened on TVNZ6 now locked into pay TV on Sky, now Kidzone has followed.  TVNZ is showing nil commitment to those who cannot afford Sky or – as in my case – don’t want to send a cent their way. (I’m happy to pay more tax to fund a decent public broadcasting system). Given that the Kidzone channel was developed with public money, we are effectively being robbed by its removal to the realms of pay TV.     TVNZ keeps finding new ways to show its contempt for its audience – who also happen to be its owners.



  • David Finch

    To TV addict:  “They chose Sky because more people have Sky than Freeview”.   No, they chose Sky because they want to make money rather than serve an audience.  When I challenged TVNZ on their reasons for making Heartland a commercial Sky channel (rather than on Freeview) they suggested very lamely it was better for that channel to reach the 50% of the population who have Sky than no-one at all.  So the other 50% can go to hell? This from what used to be our national broadcaster.

    I chose Freeview as an alternative to Sky and now feel abandoned by one of Freeview’s major shareholders. How about some consitency from Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman who demanded that TVNZ6 and 7 must be screened on Sky as well as Freeview to maximise their exposure and value for public money.  Why is the same priciple not being applied to Heartland and Kidzone? Logically, he should be demanding that they also screen on Freeview.


  • Kandice

    Im quite disgusted…. we have been enjoying kidzone,  for the pre-school friendly content and the avaliblity during the day. Now I find that its only avalible for 2 hours in the morning or coming on Sky if i choose to pay for it!  It is now 1pm and my kids wanted to watch while they had their lunch on this rainy day,  but no kidzone and nothing suitible on any of the other free to view channels….  I know people have been protesting about this change for quite some time and I know of noone who is in favour of the change yet it is happening anyway…..why are we not being listened to?  Surely our youngest TV viewers are entitled to quality, age appropriate,  FREE programming which is avalible to view at times that suits them??   SHAME ON YOU TVNZ!! 

  • Ben

    TVNZ is really undermining its long-term interests in seeking short-term gain. Putting aside what should be expected of it as the public broadcaster, as an organisation that relies on advertising revenue it should be competing with Sky not getting into bed with it. Free-to-air TV has had an advantage over Sky in that it has a great back catalogue of NZ content, by showing it exclusively on Sky they are undermining the Freeview platform and driving more to Sky. On Freeview they are only really competing with Mediaworks and Prime, by pushing more people onto Sky they are competing with a hundreds of channels and giving away their position as NZ’s leading broadcaster.

  • Tui

    TVNZ have argued on Twitter that there is not enough bandwidth on Freeview to add another channel, and that they are launching a new channel this month. However since the new channel is just a relaunch of TVNZ 6 (different name/content), I don’t see it as being significiant. People will miss out with this decison.

  • reece_555

    From TVNZ’s point of view why wouldnt you create another channel on pay tv instead of Freeview where not only would you have to rely on add revenue but wouldnt TVNZ have to pay for transmision on the platform.

  • David Finch

    To Reece: Let’s not forget that TVNZ was granted funding for two non-commercial channels on Freeview up until 2012. One of them has disappeared early.