Doctor Who: The End Of Time on Prime

7:10pm Friday, April 22 on Prime

Science Fiction

For loyal David Tennant fans this is a sad moment, as he bids farewell as the Tenth Doctor. However, the beauty of being a TimeLord is that the Doctor regenerates… and so The End Of Time is equally exciting as we also see the emergence of the Eleventh Doctor, played by the adorable Matt Smith. Matt’s adventures as the Doctor began in the latest series of Doctor Who, and as we eagerly await series 6 Matt (and gorgeous companion Amy Pond played by Karen Gillan) have quickly become new favourites, and consequently overnight superstars. In tonight’s Doctor Who special it’s Christmas Eve, and the Doctor is reunited with Wilf, to face the return of an old enemy.

Something terrible stalks the wastelands of London, while far away, the Immortality Gate reaches completion. But the warnings of the Ood signify an even greater danger, as the Doctor faces his darkest hour yet. He’s faced Daleks, Cybermen, Angels and Devils, but now stands defeated at the end of his life, as the Master’s victory unleashes the greatest terror of all. With an ancient plan closing around the Earth, only the Doctor can stop the cataclysm – but is the price too great to pay?

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