Four and Firstline prove ratings winners

FOUR’s launch on February 6 proves to be both a huge ratings and revenue success as it continues to go from strength to strength in both areas.

Not only has revenue for FOUR increased by 50% for the season year to date (6th February to 29th March), but FOUR’s share in the commercially important 18-49 demographic is 14.1% higher than the same time last year.

Mediaworks Chief Executive Officer, Jason Paris says advertising spend continues to grow consistently across both the Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Household Shoppers categories which is incredibly promising for the future.

“We’re thrilled with the launch of FOUR and confident this is just a sign of things to come,” he says. “The positive market reaction is what we expected. In particular, the share growth in HHS with kids of 59.5% year on year is particularly impressive.”

The huge popularity of the channel extends to the online community with FOUR boasting almost 400,000 online page impressions in March and over 80,000 fans on Facebook.

Firstline is also off to an outstanding start, since its launch on March 7, taking share from its competitor on TV ONE.

TV ONE’s Breakfast ‘s share is down 11% compared to previous four weeks since Firstline launched. Firstline ended the month of March with a solid average 12.1% share in the all important 25-54 demographic.

Firstline’s share has grown over 12.1% from the previous four weeks to Firstline’s launch and is up by 42% from the same timeslot year on year.

Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings says the impressive figures are encouraging, with nearly 900,000 people aged 5+ tuning in to watch the show so far.

“People are telling us it is great to have an early morning News programme minus the fluff.  We will continue to develop the programme over the next few months but our focus will remain on providing in depth coverage and analysis of the major news events in New Zealand and overseas.”  

3 News and Nightline also ended the month of March in strong positions. 3 News went from a 28.1% to a 28.5% share, growth of 1.4% in the all important 25-54 demographic.

Nightline went from a 21.7% to a 22% share, showing an increase of 1.7% in the 25-54 demographic. 

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  • Isn’t this all bullshit?

  • frenzy

    Whoa. 50%. 59.5%. 42%. Sounds so impressive.


    Lies, damned lies, and statistics

  • Blair

    This is interesting because on Facebook there are so many complaints about C4 being replaced with FOUR. The complaints are from those that obviously don’t have Freeview as C4 is still on Freeview. Complaints are about the overnight Infomercials where C4 had music and also during the middle of the day, some are complaining about Childrens shows instead of music but on the flipside some parents love the idea of kids shows. Personally I am switching over to FOUR only to watch The Simpsons and Family Guy on Sundays shows I previously watched on 3. I am not happy The Simpsons has been moved to FOUR because of the lack of HD on the channel, it feels like a real step backwards to watch The Simpsons in SD. No different to the 90s when a show would move from 3 to 2 and as a result was now in mono thanks to TVNZs lack of stereo sound until the late 90s in some areas the early 2000s.

    I think Mediaworks should make C4 available on Sky because those that have Sky don’t need Freeview it would be a real hassle for anyone to have both just to watch one channel and if mySky is the only device you have for recording TV then you couldn’t record shows on C4 through Freeview as the mySky doesn’t allow recording from an external source. Also I think Mediaworks should shift The Simpsons back to 3 or broadcast FOUR in HD.

    As for Firstline good to see TV3 bring back a morning news show they needed to do this.