Going Postal on Prime

8:30pm Saturday, April 23 on Prime

Mini Series

Part 1

Based on Sir Terry Pratchett’s 33rd Discworld novel, Going Postal is a two-part tale of deviousness, love, redemption and postage stamps. Our hero Moist (Richard Coyle) starts life badly; a con man of the highest degree, polite, charming and ruthless. After a scam involving bank bonds which greatly harms the economy of Ankh Morpork, he is caught – and Lord Vetinari (Charles Dance) offers him the noose or the job of reviving the Post Office, aided by his probation officer Mr Pump (a golem), and a handful of committed, yet not overly effective employees. However the rather evil Reacher Gilt (David Suchet), owner of the competitive mechanical telegraph system, the Clacks, isn’t happy about that.

He endeavours to thwart the blossoming love of Moist with the beautiful Adora (Claire Foy), whose family invented the Clacks but lost the enterprise due to their financial demise during the bank bond scam. At some point in the proceedings, Moist is going to have to mention his part in that scandal to her, introduce postage stamps, deal with “ghost reality”, beat Reacher Gilt at his own game and save his neck and the day. And don’t forget to catch the second and final instalment of Going Postal tomorrow night on PRIME at 8:10pm.

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