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7:00pm Monday, April 25 on Prime

Comedy Series

Ex Marks The Spot

After taping an episode of “Tool Time,” Al and Tim go to the local pub for a drink. While there, Tim sees his high school girlfriend Stacey talking on the pay telephone. Tim tries to sneak out without her seeing, but Stacey sees Tim and approaches him. She tells Tim that she is moving back to town and has an appointment to look at a house, which Al quickly points out is in Tim’s neighborhood. Tim acts thrilled to see her and even invites her by the house to meet Jill. But Tim is relieved when Stacey tells him that she is too busy to visit. After Stacey leaves, Tim admits to Al that he doesn’t want Stacey to meet Jill because when he and Jill start dating in college, Jill asked him to officially break off his relationship with Stacey. Tim never telephoned Stacey because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but he told Jill that he made the call. Now, if Stacey and Jill meet, his past neglect is sure to be mentioned and Jill will be angry.

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