Jenny Shipley on Q+A this sunday

As we get closer to the Budget we debate one of the great political footballs of recent years. We talk to Tertiary Minister Steven Joyce about interest-free student loans. With graduate debt over $11 billion, are they a necessity or just a ‘nice to have’? Does National need to make tough cuts, or would that only close the doors to further education? And what’s the minister’s vision for tertiary education?

Then, a rare television interview with former Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley. Dame Jenny is now a director of China’s second largest bank and talks to Paul Holmes about two of her passions – the importance of women in leadership and doing business with China. We ask her whether China is the economic salvation its cracked up to be, if she has concerns about a Chinese conglomerate buying Crafar Farms and why she believes it’s important to have women in leadership roles?

Joining Dr Jon Johansson on the panel will be company director and media industry leader Joan Withers plus New Zealand Student Association President David Do.

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