Last Of The Summer Wine - The Final Series

UKTV – Sundays from 17 April, 7pm

Britain’s longest running comedy returns with the final series, following the hilarious misadventures of a group of men who never seem to grow up.

This charming series, set in glorious countryside and packed with slapstick humour, sees the return of favourite characters Hobbo, Alvin, Entwistle, Clegg and Truly. They go through life full of good intentions, but their antics always seem to get them into trouble as the women in their lives try to keep them in line.

This series it’s clear the team’s talents don’t lie in marriage guidance. Hobbo’s hapless schemes backfire when he tries to help Toby win back both his ex-wife and his beloved Jaguar car. Meanwhile, Howard finds himself homeless when his love life falls apart and wife Pearl throws him out. Acting on the well-intentioned but useless advice of Hobbo and the gang, he resorts to increasingly desperate measures to try and win Pearl over. If he doesn’t succeed, a tent on the moors could become his permanent residence!

Starring: Russ Abbot (The Sarah Jane Adventures; The Russ Abbot Show), Peter Sallis (Wallace & Gromit), Burt Kwouk (Honest; The Wrong Door; The Pink Panther), June Whitfield (Doctor Who; Absolutely Fabulous).

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