First look at UK’s Geordie Shore

MTV has given viewers their first look at the UK version of Jersey Shore, entitled Geordie Shore. The promo for the Newcastle-set reality series features its cast members giving quotes such as: “I’ll never kiss anyone without a six pack” and “my biggest fear is getting wrinkles”.

America’s Next Top Model all-stars announced

An America’s Next Top Model ‘all-stars’ series has been announced that will see returning contestants from previous seasons competing for another shot at success. The network promises “breakout characters” with “memorable stories” from the past will be returning.

SNL’s Sudeikis named host of MTV Movie Awards

Saturday Night Live comedian Jason Sudeikis has been named the host of the MTV Movie Awards for this year. Sudeikis will become the ninth SNL cast member to host the awards, which take place in June.

Lopez and Anthony create new series

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have teamed up with Simon Fuller to create a new Latin music and dance show series. The format will see the musical couple travelling around America to “assemble a cast of incredible performers” for a live show.

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