Nazi Hunters

9:45pm Sunday, April 17 on Prime

Documentary Series

Erich Priebke

As one of the highest-ranking Gestapo officers in Rome during the war, Erich Priebke is responsible for one of Italy’s worst atrocities – the Ardeatine Cave massacres. On a direct order from Adolf Hitler, Priebke orchestrates the assassination of 335 Italian civilians. And, after escaping to Argentina, eludes justice for fifty years until a high-profile team of American TV journalists stumbles onto his trail. Researching how Nazi war criminals fled to post-war Argentina, the ABC news crew pores over the government’s recently released archives in Buenos Aires. And, after uncovering two names of interest, their trail eventually leads them to Bariloche, a German-speaking alpine resort town high in the Andes. Incredibly, they find Erich Priebke listed in the local phone book. And after a sting to confirm his identity, send in the TV crew to ambush him and confront him with the facts. Can they capture him on camera? And will a mass murderer be brought to justice?

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