Nazi Hunters on Prime

9:50pm Sunday, April 10 on Prime

Documentary Series

Klaus Barbie

As the Gestapo chief in Lyon, Klaus Barbie has the blood of 10,000 French Jews on his hands. But rather than being imprisoned after the war, he’s instead hired by the CIA as an anti-communist agent. Eventually Barbie escapes to Latin America where he works for dictators and drug barons and lives undetected for decades. That is, until a middle-class German housewife and mother vows to track him down. Married to a French Jew and living in Paris, Beate Klarsfeld and her husband Serge have dedicated their lives to bringing Nazi war criminals to justice.

And, after successfully lobbying the German courts to reopen the case against Barbie, they mount a successful media campaign and track him down in Lima. Hoping to convince local authorities to extradite him to Europe, Klarsfeld flies first to Peru, and when Barbie escapes to Bolivia, follows him to La Paz. She leads a series of powerful demonstrations, is herself imprisoned and eventually makes headlines around the world. But it will take another decade, a failed kidnapping plot and sweeping political change in Bolivia to bring the man known as the Butcher of Lyon to justice.

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