Review: The Almighty Johnsons - Series 1

South Pacific Pictures has another big hit on their hands with The Almighty Johnsons.  

When I went to the preview of the pilot, I was really impressed by the strong characters, excellent cast and original topic.  After watching episodes two and three, I was rather worried that my high praise for the show was a little bit premature.  

I kept watching because I was intrigued to see where the show went: if it’d be a one-hit wonder, or a show that became a regular fixture in my weekly TV viewing.  

I shouldn’t have been concerned: the show picked itself up again and grew on me much more than I initially imagined it would.  The series went from strength to strength with its development from starting with a physical earthquake (who would’ve thought…) to ending with metaphorical earthquakes: a couple splitting up, an almost-perfect-couple-getting-together, another odd (but perfectly matched) hooking up and a very awkward, funny way to reveal that the “Helen Clark” lady is actually the boys’ mother.  

My biggest disappointment of the series was redeemed in the final episode too.   I was disappointed when we found out who Frigg was.  It felt odd (unoriginal even?) to learn that the actress who played Van West’s ultimate true love was to be Axl’s true love as well.   I was so relieved that she wasn’t actually Frigg!  

I have just one wish for Season 2:

More episodes. Please.

PS One question I have: How old is Gaia?  A first year nurse could actually be 20…. (Update.. I mean, is she really 22?)

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  • Simon

    Gaia celebrated her 22nd birthday at the party where Zeb got burnt.

  • Rachel

    I mean, is she really 22…. she could still be Frigg. I wish.

  • Misfitz

    um, A first year nurse could be any age over 20. I think you are making the presumption that she came straight out of high school to nursing school, a point of course which may or may not be relevant to the plot in future seasons.