River Cottage: Every Day

7:30pm Tuesday, April 19 on Prime

Lifestyle Series


With fruit sales falling in the UK and the nation eating less fruit than almost every other country in Europe, Hugh sets out to test the state of their relationship with fruit. To do this he heads off to a typical suburban street and sees if he can get the locals excited again by nature’s original sweet treats. Through his infectious enthusiasm and a clutch of clever recipes, he’s soon turned some sceptic kids into confirmed consumers of raw fruit and before long they’re discovering the joys of ‘pick your own’ farms. Hugh also shows you how to turn fruit into a fantastic ingredient for delicious desserts, from all-fruit lollies that prove a hit with the local school kids to Eton Mess and a cross between a crumble and a fool, or as Hugh calls it ‘a fumble”.

But fruit’s not just for afters; Hugh makes an orange and lemon St.Clements squash, Gill a mighty venison and pear burger and there’s a fruit themed street party to end the episode. But the biggest challenge comes when Hugh meets a man who hated his wife’s apple crumble so much he cut down her apple tree! Can Hugh get him to turn loathing to loving when it comes to cooked apples?

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