Second annual Freeview awards winners announced

After a successful first awards season in 2010, the second annual Freeview awards have garnered a record number of votes – 6,346 votes were cast to determine the winners in 12 categories of digital media and related services.

The awards celebrate all aspects of Freeview, from the channels and programmes provided by Freeview broadcasters, to the first-rate work of retailers and installers and the top-quality Freeview-approved products around New Zealand.

Freeview General Manager Sam Irvine says, “After the success of last year’s awards and the boost that the wins gave to many broadcast partners and suppliers, we expected a high level of engagement and were thrilled that the awards generated such a high number of votes.

“We would like to thank the many Freeviewers who voted and gave their feedback, and to congratulate the winners of this year’s awards. As an open platform we have many contributors to our success, and these awards allow viewers to pick their favourites of these high-performing individuals and organizations.”

Russell Brown of double-winner Media7 says, “This is wonderful news for the week of Media7’s 150th episode.”

“We’re especially delighted to be named not only best digital-only programme, but the best programme available on Freeview. And, of course, TVNZ 7, the home of Media7, has deservedly been voted the best digital-only channel.”

The awards recognise Freeview’s growing popularity and acknowledge the broadcast, retail and technology partners and suppliers who collectively underpin the success of the enterprise. Over the past 12 months, record numbers of Freeview-approved products have been sold by retailers and a significant rise has been recorded in the popularity of shows on digital-only channels.


Voting closed on 6 April, and the winners are as follows:


Best in-store retail experience

Winner: Noel Leeming

Runner-up: Dick Smith Electronics


Best online retail experience

Winner: Dick Smith Electronics

Runner-up: Noel Leeming


Best installation experience

Winner: Alf from


Best Freeview-approved HD receiver

Winner: Dish TV UHF aerial

Runner-up: Zinwell


Best Freeview-approved satellite receiver

Winner: Dish TV

Runners-up: Zinwell


Best Freeview-approved digital television recorder

Winner: Panasonic

Runners-up: Magic


Best Freeview-approved iDTV brand

Winner: Panasonic

Runner-up: Samsung


Best digital-only TV channel available on Freeview

Winner: TVNZ 7

Runner-up: TV3 Plus 1


Best digital-only TV show available on Freeview

Winner: Media7, TVNZ 7

Runner-up: Back benches, TVNZ 7


Best TV show on a channel on Freeview

Winner: Media7, TVNZ 7

Runner-up: Back benches, TVNZ 7


Best high-definition TV show on a channel on Freeview

Winner: CSI, TV3, TV3 Plus 1

Runners-up: Criminal Minds, TV ONE


Best radio station on Freeview

Winner: Radio New Zealand National

Runner-up: George FM

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About the author

  • Gabriel Pollard

    Even with the awards TVNZ 7 is recieved they’re still going to take it off air lol

  • Bogues

    Pretty sad that the two best freeview only channels is a +1 channel, and one that is going to be taken off air next year. Thing that interests me is that in Australia (where we have six analoguie channels in mainland state capital cities), we have now managed to get 16 freeview channels running (ABC 4, SBS 2, Seven 3, Nine 3, Eleven 3, 31 1). And the commercial channels are successful.

    In New Zealand, there are 15 freeview channels, but only 6 of them are commercial successful (One, 2, 3, Four, 3+1, Prime). The rest collectively aren’t singificant in ratings and/or a government funded.

  • Dave

    The much larger population in Australia helps with commercial viability.  But it does show the battle Freeview has in New Zealand, given the stranglehold Sky TV has over most households, thanks to claiming most of the live Sport content, along with recent Movies and even now first-run overseas programming.