TVNZ announces end to TVNZ 7

TVNZ has confirmed digital channel TVNZ7 will be closed in June next year.

It comes after Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman said the government will not extend funding for TVNZ 7 beyond June 2012.

TVNZ chief executive Rick Ellis said he was proud of the channel’s achievements, but respected the government’s decision.

“TVNZ has been privileged to launch and develop TVNZ 7 over the past 3 years, providing New Zealanders with unique perspectives on the issues of today in ways that we cannot otherwise provide through our core channels of TV ONE and TV2,” Ellis said in a statement.

He said he was optimistic the channel’s 20-30 employees would be redeployed to other positions at TVNZ.

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  • TG

    Shameful. I don’t believe that the government is running the line that this is some unneeded luxury that cannot possibly be afforded by NZ. How come every other developed country can afford to have a public broadcaster to keep their populations informed? TVNZ 6 and 7 together cost NZ$15 million per year. Surely if that is too much to spend, Australia should have abolished the ABC (A$1.13 billion per year) and SBS (approx A$250 million per year), Canada should have abolished the CBC (C$946 million per year), and Britain should have abolished the BBC (£3.8 billion per year from direct government funding and mandatory licence fees).

  • regan

    You can’t compare TVNZ 6 and 7 with ABC, the BBC or the CBC.  They are nowhere near remotely close to being similar. 

    These channels have suffered the same fate as everyone else in that everyones TV’s are stuck on TV One.

    • Gerard

      Yes you can. You just have to define the context of the comparison. The context in this case is solely that these TV Channels are public service broadcast channels. Like comparing red, green and yellow apples. They are all apples. But if you wish to change that context, then you’re drifting away from the point.

      Your second observation only makes sense if one is restricted to a ratings view of the value of the channel. One could say the same about anything rare, because it’s not used widely – does it mean precious metals are of no value? In this case TVNZ7 is used rather widely. I.4 million unique viewers tuned in in December 2011. That’s pretty good when there was no advertising for the content. Don’t you think?