Weekend Murders: Lewis on Prime

8:30pm Saturday, April 30 on Prime

Drama Series

The Great and The Good

A teenage girl is found wandering naked on the Oxford planes; she has no memory of what has happened, but forensics prove she had been drugged and raped. A well know tablet for treating insomnia was used to drug Beatrice, and Lewis and Hathaway manage to narrow down the list of suspects to a computer teacher at Beatrice’s school. Rather frustratingly for the police, Owald Cooper seems to have a water tight alibi provided by three men who are pillars of the community. Adebayou has just had been given the go-ahead to build a green city, Matthews is a well known radio presenter and Ashton is an ex-diplomat. Cooper is found murdered and castrated. The obvious motive could be revenge for Beatrice’s assault, but the police can’t prove that Cooper was the assailant and Lewis can’t seem to crack Cooper’s alibi however hard he tries.

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