Weekend Murders: Lewis on Prime

8:30pm Saturday, April 16 on Prime

Drama Series

Life Born Of Fire

A young man, Will, commits suicide in a church in front of the vicar, Rev. King. Will left a suicide note “On the road to Calvary I stumbled” on the back of an old leaflet about a religious group, The Garden. Hathaway and Will were friends when they were young, but Hathaway doesn’t seem to know anything about The Garden. Rev. King is then murdered and it turns out he was one of the founding members of The Garden, but fell out with the others as he helped sell a church to local businessman, Will’s father. Later Lady Hugh and Dr Melville are murdered. Each death is a variation of the theme of death by fire and at each scene of crime the same DNA is left as evidence. The police discover the DNA of this serial killer matches Will’s boyfriend’s DNA, but no one has seen him for years. Will was gay, but strangely he recently tried to have a relationship with his friend Zoe the semiologist, who Hathaway now seems to be falling for.

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