Albany tornado interrupts normal programming

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  • Bogues

    Wouldn’t describe an on screen banner as interupting normal programming. If that was the cause, every program in Australia would be interupted by channel promos.

  • regan

    no.. that was just prior to crossing to Rawden in the studio

  • RJ Clutterbuck

    TV3 broke the story first at 3:38pm (TVNZ at 3:53pm), following a more in-depth update at 4:00 (by TV3).

  • reece_555

    Not near a TV at the moment, has this turned into rolling coverage until 6PM or anything? I would imagine both news rooms are happy the event is in Auckland as more resources can be chucked at it for cheaper cost.

  • Prime TV

    Prime actually went to air with full coverage from Sky News at 5.00 and is continuing with a full Prime News bulletin now.

  • regan

    Prime are the only ones with coverage at the moment.