Blitz Street on Prime

7:30pm Monday, May 30 on Prime

Documentary Series

Presented by Tony Robinson, Blitz Street tells the story of the Blitz as it has never been told before. This new series aims to show the true horrors of the ferocious and constant bombardment of the Blitz, and to explain why, ultimately, it failed. Blitz Street itself is a row of terraced houses, specially built on a remote military base. Over the course of this series it’s subjected to a frightening range of large-scale high explosive bombs and incendiaries similar to those used by the Luftwaffe. With precise measurements of the supersonic blast waves and flying shrapnel, Blitz Street reveals the devastating impact of real explosives on bricks and mortar, allowing Defence scientists to study the awesome power and anatomy of Second World War bombs.

High-speed cameras operating at 1,000 frames per second illustrate the amazing testimony from Blitz survivors. We discover how houses could progressively collapse from one end to another; how people survived by sheltering under the stairs; and the astonishing protection offered by the humble Anderson Shelter.

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