Cops LAC on Prime

8:35pm Thursday, May 5 on Prime

Drama Series

I’ll See You

A woman gives birth to a baby in the back of Nathan and Priscilla’s police car before they can get her to the hospital, in tonight’s episode of Cops LAC. When the woman then disappears leaving the baby behind, the search is on to find her. When the cops show up at an apartment where they expect her to be they find a dead man instead. The detectives soon unravel a complicated case of identity theft and it becomes clear that the mother of the abandoned baby has spent many years stealing other women’s identities and using them for fraudulent purposes. As the detectives close in on the woman they discover the path of emotional and financial devastation she has left in her wake – from the woman whose identity has been stolen to the apparent father of the thief’s child. Meanwhile Sam’s first love, Zac Butler, released from prison, has moved into the Seaview area, rattling her. Clearly she still has very deep feelings for the man and this could spell disaster for her personally and professionally.

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