Inside New Zealand returns to TV3

TV3’s award-winning documentary strand Inside New Zealand returns with a compelling new line-up of insightful programmes on Wednesday, 1 June at 8.30pm.

TV3’s Head of Factual, Sue Woodfield, says: “This new Inside New Zealand line-up features fascinating new documentaries from some of our best factual storytellers. It’s just a great watch.

“The programmes explore many of the big questions facing New Zealand today:  Is our crime rate better or worse here than in other countries? Do our police have enough support? What drives Kiwis to seek cut-price plastic surgery?  What are the ramifications of smoking, alcohol and cannabis for our society? Do we want to change things – and if so, how?

“Each documentary brings together riveting footage, expert knowledge and a unique New Zealand perspective on the issues that shape how we live.”

Inside NZ kicks off with 24 Hours: POLICE, a three-part documentary series that compares crime and policing methods in four major international cities – Auckland, Perth, San Francisco and Oslo – to find out how New Zealand stacks up.  Is crime in New Zealand worse than in other countries? What can learn from how other police forces work?

Documentary crews spent 24 hours filming on the streets with each of the forces, starting at 8am Saturday morning, through to 8am Sunday morning.  The revealing footage is woven through the three-episode series, which is arranged into chronological order: episode one deals with the daylight hours; episode two covers the period from 8pm to 2am; and episode three looks at the early morning – from 2am to 8am.

Cameras travelled in police cars, went on the beat with foot patrols, filming everything from the mundane through to the dangerous – from theft, drunk and disorderly behaviour to armed incidents and an attempted homicide.  

24 Hours: Police compares the prevalence and nature of crime, paying particular attention to resourcing, whether the forces are routinely armed (two are, two are not), violent offending rates and the prevalence of alcohol and drug-fuelled crime. Experts in each city, including police chiefs, criminologists and crime journalists, offer their views on crime and policing methods in their own cities – what’s working and what isn’t.

Following 24 Hours: Police, is a hot-off-the-press, one-off commentary that recreates one of the most intriguing news stories of recent times. In The Banker, The Escorts and the $18 Million, Inside New Zealand tells the inside story of former ASB banker, Stephen Versalko, who led an audacious double life of theft, sex and betrayal, funded by the proceeds of New Zealand’s biggest ever single employee fraud.

Upcoming documentaries in the series include Dying for a Smoke, which looks at how the tobacco industry sells us smoking, and The Nip Tuck Trip, which follows New Zealanders who have opted for cut-price plastic surgery abroad.

The latest series of TV3’s award-winning Inside New Zealand premieres on Wednesday 1 June at 8.30pm with 24 Hours: Police (Part One – The Frontline Force: 8am-8pm)

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